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更节能       尽管各个厂家的螺旋杆空压机采取了不同的节能运行模式,但由于变频器是根据实际用气量实时调整电机转速的,用气量低的时候还可以让空压机自动休眠,这样就大大减少能源的损失。
More Energy-efficient.Although various manufactures has adopted different mode of energy-saving into the screw compressors, we still can reduce the loss of energy by letting screw compressor auto sleep when the air is low. Due to the inverter adjusts the motor speed by practical air consumption.

气压稳定       由于永磁变频螺杆空压机利用的变频器的无极调节特点,通过控制器或变频器内部PDL调节,能对压力实现高速调节控制:比工频运行的上限开关控制相比,气压稳定性成指数级的提高。
Pressure Stability.The stepless regulation characteristic of inverter used by permanent magnetism inverter screw compressor, it can realize high speed control to pressure by the internal PDL regulation of inverter or controller: the pressure stability has increased exponentially compared with the upper limit switch control of power frequency operation.

启动无冲击       由于变频器本身是一个软启动装置,启动电流最大在额定电流的两倍左右,与工频启动一般在额定电流的6倍以上相比,启动冲击很小。这种冲击不仅是对电网,同时也对整个机械系统的冲击,能够大大减少。
Start Without Shock.Because the inverter itself is a soft start device, the maximum starting current is about two times of rated current, which has very small starting shock that compared to the power frequency starting(normally it is more than 6 times of the rated current). This kind of shock can be reduced enormously, not only for power grid but also for the whole mechanical system.

噪音低       由于稳定运行时运行频率小于工频,机械噪音下降。机械磨损小,对储气罐容量要求小。
Low Noise Level.The mechanicalness noise has reduced because the operating frequency is less than power frequency when under stable operation. Small mechanical wear, small requirements for gas tank capacity.

产品规格(Technical parameters):

  • GW4250H型材专用高效斜切锯床
  • WHS-430CNC
  • HB-330
  • WLS-H400专用带锯床
  • 锯床H500-900G